Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taking the Cake

If you were wondering why I was away from blogging for over a week, I was in Dallas at my nephew's wedding and helping with the wedding cake. Weddings are a big thing in my family. We have a tradition of baking and decorating the bride's cake.

This started in the 1970s within my family of 6 girls. My dad had always allowed us to choose whether he would pay for our education or our wedding. Well, we were pretty smart cookies and chose to have him pay for our education, of course. So when it came time for our weddings, we all pitched in and helped one another celebrate the occasion by making the cakes and arranging flowers. This tradition in our family continues with the bride's cake to this day with weddings of all the nieces and nephews.
Almost 3 years ago, two of my sisters drove down to my house and decorated the cakes I had baked for my son and new daughter-in-law. The reception was at the house. I loved how this cake turned out!
When my daughter-in-law saw the cake, she was mesmerized. She had no idea the kind of work my sisters could do. The happiness in her facial expression will always be imprinted on my memory.
As the topper on the cake suggests, it was truly a "precious moment"!

But back to my reason for being away. This year's cake was unlike any other. My younger sister had learned how to make gum paste flowers this spring in preparing to make the next cake for her daughter's wedding in the fall. Evidently, gum paste flowers are all the rage. The newest member of this family asked for blue hydrangea blossoms and violet roses on her cake. Many hours went into making them and hand coloring them.
In a different way, this is the most beautifully decorated cake yet. Although not traditional in the sense of piping the flowers on with butter cream frosting, the flowers were wonderful. Set on a fountain with real hydrangeas arranged from my sister's yard, the presentation was gorgeous.
It's been a long time since that first cake in the 1970s. My wedding cake was the second one the sisters did. We've come a long way, baby!
Helping in other ways for sisterly weddings, I made my dress and two of my sisters wore it for their wedding! I copied a dress I had seen in a store by modifying a pattern I bought. The dress with train and lace with hand sewn pearls cost me $100 back in 1977. I recently took it apart and distributed the pieces of lace among the three of us girls. My pieces of lace are now in my wedding scrap album.

Who knows what my niece's wedding cake will be like this fall? I hear she likes orange calla lilies. :o)

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