Monday, June 28, 2010

Soaking in Mother Nature

This is a relaxing day. I slept in while David drove into Cortez to buy the new tire. At 6:00 AM, it was 39 degrees outside. But I stayed under the warm blankets until 9:00 AM. After fixing and eating a bowl of hot oatmeal, David drove in. I fixed blueberry pancakes for him - and yes, I have to say that I also ate pancakes. The altitude always gives you a voracious appitite! Then we went out for a walk.

I took my camera this time and shot a few pictures of the area campsites and the river. What a beautiful morning! On the other side of the river from us are campsites of people who come here every year and stay for the summer. Also on the other bank of the river is a bridge/pavilion with swings. We sat a while relaxing in the swings, just taking in everything around us.

By the time we walked back to camp, it was already lunch time. Homemade pizza tastes ten times better in the mountains! Since then, I've been watching a chipmunk playing close to our firepit and a few people fishing on the opposite river bank. It almost looks like there is snow falling; the seeds from the cottonwoods are blowing everywhere. I keep hearing the Hummingbirds fly up to the red lanterns David has strung along the front of the awning. They are attracted to the red but we don't have a feeder. Maybe I'll get one tomorrow when we drive into Telluride for the day.

Time for some quiet meditation to just soak this all in.


We had a campfire last night and this evening, David built another one. So we sit like Ma and Pa in our chairs with a blanket each as we wait for the sun to fully set and the stars to appear in the sky.

Last night, just before David came into the trailer for the night, he was looking up into the starlit sky and noticed a collection of stars that formed a cross. He was just staring up at them when a shooting star went past. It caused him to smile and he came running into the trailer to tell me about it. He said that it was as though God was saying, "Trust me." I thought of Abraham looking at the sky trying to count the stars and God was saying, "Trust me." Maybe I should start calling David - Abraham!

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