Saturday, June 26, 2010

Priest Gulch or Bust

This morning, we awoke at 6:00 AM Mountain Time. After a nice long hot shower (since I never made it to the showers last night) I brought out the bottle of holy water that I forgot I had with me. I walked all around the car and trailer sprinkling the holy water and asking for God’s total protection against anything that was not of Him. Then I blessed myself and with a few extra prayers, we were on the road by 8:00.

As we listened to The Great Adventure, we enjoyed the change in the countryside from the short Juniper trees around Santa Fe to Ponderosa Pine and gained altitude – getting ever closer to the mountains of Colorado. We crossed from New Mexico into Colorado around 10:30. I saw several signs that said “Land for Sale” and wondered what it would be like to live up here during the summer months as I don’t think my joints could handle the bitter cold of winter here. But we probably couldn't afford to live here anyway. Just a nice passing thought.

David was gently reminded by the multiple climbs and descents in the highway and the strains of the car engine that he needed to use the gears to ascend and descend the steep inclines and trailer brakes going down as well. Driving in the mountains is like riding a bicycle; once you know how to ride a bicycle, how to ride when you get back on one is soon recalled. If I remember correctly, it’s the same with a musical instrument. Muscles have memory. When using the gears of the car, it’s as though your driving muscles get engaged again. It is at times like these, I am amazed at the ingenuity of man for what makes life easier. If only all such things were used for the better. A trip like this – 100 years ago would have been grueling – taking days filled with sweat, but with ingenuity the trip takes but a few hours. It is also times like these that we realize we should take nothing for granted.

We stopped in Pagosa Springs for gas. We paid $2.92/gallon at one gas station and after filling up noticed that the station across the street was 20 cents cheaper. Go figure. Take nothing for granted.

It was a good time for a bathroom break too. That’s one of the nice things about having the trailer behind us. You have a nice bathroom at every stop. I got some snacks out of the trailer too because both of us were hungry at 10:30. David had eaten nothing and I had eaten only an apple. David did some of the grocery shopping for the trip and he bought my favorite Sun Chips – French Onion – so I pulled those out. I didn’t know that they come in 100% compostable bags now. Good for the Sun Chip folks! If anybody has chips that say, “You can’t eat just one”, it would be Sun Chips. Funny thing about the composting feature of the bag is that it is LOUD!!! There will be no sneaking chips behind David’s back! Now that’s probably a GOOD thing. It is rare that I eat chips – for the very reason that I can’t eat just one. Funny how my mouth craves salt and crunch. :o)

It looks like Durango is around the next curve. We are stopping to pick up a few items we failed to pack. And there is always something left behind. I still can’t believe I left my purse at home. I have my cell phone which doesn't work up here and much needed sun glasses. I just didn’t pick up the purse. Silly me!


It’s now 4:35 and camp is set up. We are at a campground called Priest Gulch located on the Dolores River about 30 miles north of Cortez in Southwest Colorado. After signing in at the front office and “paying up” for the time we will be here, the gentleman on the golf cart lead us toward our campsite in slot #82. As we rounded a curve, he looked back and noticed that the front trailer tire was locked up. That means the brakes were locked on that wheel. By backing up a couple of feet, we were able to unlock it, but by that time the tread on that tire had already worn through the steel belting at the spot that touched the ground. I think we should call this vacation a “tiring” one. HA! David called the local RV repairman who will be here Wednesday to check on the locking break problem. We will find another tire at some point as well.

David is holding up amazingly well with all the driving and so many problems on the road. And he also is thanking God for taking care of us! Have you ever heard of the old line, “Where is my husband and what have you done with him?” That’s what I’ve been asking the Lord the last couple of days. I’m so happy that David has been taking all of this so well. I think I am witnessing a miracle here. Is he learning to "Let go. Let God"? I’ll take it! Woohoo! What a conversion this is! Praise God!

Today is the first day he has questioned His trust in God. He's beginning to worry about the brakes on the trailer. He asked me how I keep myself from worrying? How do I let go of doubts? So I talked about something Jeff Cavins said about sin in The Great Adventure DVDs. When you make the first step to sin, the second step is easier. Before you know it, you sin without thinking about it. The sin becomes a habit. The same thing goes for breaking old habits of worrying. When you have worries and you entertain them, they just stick around. But if when you have a worry, you push it away and make a conscious effort to think of something else, you will soon be able to let it go. Every time you do this the next time it will be easier to do - kind of like muscle memory and driving in the mountains.

We will be here for several days. After talking about all the tire challenges and the latest brake issues, David and I have decided that we won’t try to make it to the Grand Canyon this year. I really was looking forward to seeing it. While David went to see the Grand Canyon as a child, I did not. But I guess, it is just NOT my time to go. Although it is disappointing, I know that God will never allow anything to happen to me that is not for my benefit. So, Jesus, I trust in You! You know when I will get to see the Grand Canyon – or even IF!

Maybe this vacation is just meant to be spent here, relaxing and soaking in God’s creation on a small scale. Maybe we will meet someone He wants us to speak to here or maybe someone is here who will speak His word to us. Maybe we are just to enjoy our time together, reading, walking, relaxing by the river or whatever. I brought an afghan I need to finish crocheting and an embarrassing number of magazines I haven’t read. David brought a novel I gave him a couple of years ago and a latch hook rug of a mountain scene that he is working on. Of course, there are always the rest of the DVDs by Jeff Cavins. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we will surely find God present in this Great Adventure.

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