Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

What is wrong with a culture that ignores beauty and discards children into a trash bin? This morning, as I perused through postings on Facebook, both scenarios jumped off my computer screen and stared me in the face. This isn't an isolated incidence either. I see this almost every day. So, what made me stop and decide to write a blog post? I think it just gets to be more than I can pass by. Though I am only one person, I still have a voice. Sometimes it seems that I am a voice crying in the wilderness, but nevertheless, it cries to be heard.

The first FB entry was a video. As a sociology experiment, the noted violinist, Joshua Bell, was videotaped in the DC metro and a subsequent article written in the Washington Post. Few people stopped to listen to his beautiful music. Our culture has become so busy and we have no time to stop and smell the roses in the midst of our day. Actually, we make no time to take in the beauty of what is around us.

The second FB entry was a link to a newspaper article by PRO-LIFE ROCKS!!! They were posting an article from the crime section of the New York Daily News about a young mother whose full-term baby died after she dumped it in the trash can in the emergency room restroom of Elmhurst Hospital. What possesses a young mother to dispose of her child like a dirty diaper? She claims that fear of her mother finding out about her pregnancy made her do it. I propose that it goes far beyond fear of her mother's reaction. She could have left her baby at any city hospital or fire house within five days of her birth with no questions asked. Some would say she obviously didn't know she could have done that. Sometimes the obvious stares us in the face - like Joshua Bell in the subway - and we simply ignore it.
Dawa Lama - a young woman produced by the Culture of Death?

On the same page of the internet article was a survey on better programs for young mothers. It might seem that the obvious solution is to provide young women with help with unwanted pregnancies. To me, the results of the poll are just as disturbing as the article.

Poll Results
Thank you for voting.Does NYC need to improve its programs for young mothers to prevent situations like this?
Yes, the city needs to figure out new ways to help young women with unwanted pregnancies.55%
No, the city is doing enough for unwanted pregnancies.39%
I'm not sure.6%

ONLY 55% say that the solution to the problem is to help these young women! As long as even one baby is thrown away in a trash can, I would say we are never doing enough.

There was actually a third FB post that disturbed me this morning. Again, we don't see what is if front of our noses. What is Notre Dame doing with a woman on the Board of Trustees of the University who gives large sums of money to Pro-Abort causes? Can a Catholic University not recognize what they are doing to contribute to the mess? You can't tell me that this woman has no impact on the university with regard to her donations. 

Roxeanne Martino
Sin is a disease of the soul that infects everything around it because we are all interconnected. Just because we don't act interconnected doesn't mean that sin doesn't affect us. Just the opposite! It's part of the disease.

What are you doing to stop the spread of the disease? Will you be a voice crying in the wilderness? Only with enough voices, can we be heard.