Sunday, June 13, 2010

Celebrating with Catholic Cuisine

Today, there was a reception for our associate pastor who was celebrating the first year of being a priest. It was a nice reception though more people should have come. Oh my gosh! We had lots of left-over cake and cookies!

It got me to thinking about all the foods we've served at various events up at church, especially after I was asked today if I was interested in helping with receptions this next year. I'm always helping out with friends whenever I am there.

Then, this evening, I came across this video.
I went to the blog it recommended called Catholic Cuisine. I thought it was a pretty cool blog with some nice ideas - some very classy and some just for fun. The contributors are Catholic moms who home school. Is there such a thing as being too Catholic? Some people might say that this is smothering them with religion. OUCH!

I do suppose you can take anything too far, but faith should be inherent, shouldn't it? I've often heard the question, "If you were arrested for being a Catholic, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" I truly believe that one's life should reflect one's faith both on the inside and on the outside. So why not with food? The closest I ever came to doing this with my children was the annual birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas and the candies brought to them by the Advent Angel during Advent.

I think it has great ideas, not only for families, but for catechists to use in their religious ed classes. Every kid likes to celebrate. Anyway, I'm adding it to my repertoire of blogs to check out regularly. I hope you enjoy it!

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