Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Roughing It" in Style on the Dolores River

Today is Sunday and we got up early enough to have a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs and biscuits before leaving camp for Cortez. We went to 10:30 AM Mass at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. They obviously are used to visitors as they had us all stand and tell where we were from. There were people from Arizona and Arkansas and a few others from Texas. It was a nice little church. The liturgy was o.k. overall, but they sang the Lamb of God with various names for Jesus and they stood right after the Lamb of God when everyone is supposed to kneel. David and I were the only ones kneeling. I am so thankful that I go to a church that is liturgically correct

After Mass, we made a quick stop by the local Walmart. It's amazing how many things you leave behind when you are camping. How could I ever have forgotten the hot chocolate and marshmallows?!!! David was in search for matches and lighter fluid for the campfire. (That's where I'm sitting right now.) It was nice looking at the countryside on the way there and back without the concern of the trailer behind us. I think that David has let go of his worrying. Praise be to God!

We both took a nap this afternoon. For me it was much needed as I have not been sleeping that well. Part of it may be the altitude. I always get headaches when I'm in the mountains. Small drawback for all the beautiful scenery.

After a nap, I watched David change the tire on the trailer while eating a cherry chocolate ice cream cone. How decadent is that!? David will take the damaged tire to be replaced tomorrow since the Walmart in Cortez has the right tire.

I think that I will be sleeping in tomorrow morning or maybe sitting outside the trailer in the cool morning air with a cup of coffee. It's amazing that Starbucks even makes it here via my bottled coffee latte. This must be what they call having your cake and eating it too. Not to mention being able to get on my computer and blog our travels.

It's been a long time since I "roughed it" while camping. David grew up with a trailer and my family had a pop-up. Although we cooked outdoors and didn't have toilet facilities (other than a porta-potty) and we slept in sleeping bags, the only time I remember being truly uncomfortable was one camping trip to the northern part of Michigan. We camped somewhere close to the Sault Ste. Marie in a tent on the hard ground and during the night the wind blew the tent down on top of us. The wind was so strong, you could run against it and not move forward. We were looking for Jasper along the shores of the Great Lake. It was very cold there and I only had shorts and sleeveless top. That's the extent to which I would ever want to rough it and these days I don't want to do that. Sleeping arrangements are very important to me. When I don't sleep well, I don't feel well.

David and I bought a small trailer back in the early 1990s and as the boys grew, we grew out of it. We bought our current trailer in 2002. It is a little bigger and now that the boys have all moved away from home, there is lots of room. There are hassles to having a trailer - storing it when not in use for one - but the advantages outway the disadvantages, I think. You have the best of both worlds - the conveniences of home and the beauty of Mother Nature.

(view from our trailer window)

Tonight, we ate like royalty. David had bought 2 filet mignon to grill and I fixed baked potatoes and fresh green beans to go with them. We ate at the picnic table outside the trailer. Then it was time for our ritual walk through the campground taking in the sound of the river and the birds, making a note of photos I will take when we go out next and I have my camera in hand. I figured out that my computer will take my xD card so I can let everyone enjoy what I am enjoying. It's too bad there isn't a camera that captures the smells of the trees and the campfires. You are really missing out on a lot when you can't take it ALL in. Otherwise, you can't beat the view from my window can you?

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  1. Awesome view!! No I can't beat it. How wonderful! It sounds like a good relaxing trip, I hope it stays that way for the remainder.
    Keeping you both in my prayers. Glad you can blog and share. Niki