Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drumroll Please!

This morning, it was David's turn to have breakfast in bed. I got up and fixed coffee and made blueberry pancakes and brought them over to him. He just laughed. But I think he enjoyed it. Wednesday is the day the RV Service comes through the campground to check if anyone needs a repair. They said they would swing by our campsite to check our trailer brakes midmorning.

After breakfast, I went for an early morning walk and took some pictures of one of the locals from across the river. :o) There is a nice little bridge that got me there. It's the bridge we came across with the trailer so we could get to our campsite. I am told it is an old railroad bridge. We are in slot #82 of 87 trailer sites. There is also tent camping close to our campsite.

There are some nice spots on the other side that are taken by people who come up here for a whole month or spend the entire summer here. A number of campers have 4-wheelers so they can take the jeep trails over the mountains. Maybe one day we will come back here and do that. David's parents used to come to this campground and stay a couple of months. They made a bunch of friends here. David's mom came up here once after George passed away, but she says it isn't the same without him. I can understand that. Anyway, here is the old railroad bridge I was talking about.

On the far side of the river from our campsite are a number of interesting things. The campers who are here all summer are on that side of the river and they really like to make their campsites feel like home. They have grass around their site and most of them have a flowerbed. They are growing everything from iris to red poppies. I took pictures of both.

The iris are blue and purple. The purple ones are so dark in some places that they are almost black. But the purple is still vibrant! I look forward to the day that we can come up here for the summer - or at least for a few weeks at a time. We will have to wait until David retires of course and figure out a way for me to get my monthly infusions.

Anyway, I had lots of fun on my outing this morning. I went and sat in the swings for a while. The little pavilion with the swings looks pretty new as the wood hasn't weathered. You can tell the newer parts of the campground. The owner makes little improvements every year. Closeby, there are several cabins that you can rent. They sleep anywhere from 3 - 6 people. Priest Gulch has a great website too.

After returning from my walk, I sat down and finished the rest of the book I started day before yesterday. I was reading Life on the Rock by Jeff Cavins. It is the story of his conversion - or reversion - to the Catholic Church. Jeff Cavins was in Austin in May when I bought the book and had him sign it. It was an easy and interesting read. I'll start reading my other book this evening - The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian.

To bide the time until the RV Service came to fix the trailer brakes, I watched other friendlies in the park - lots of birds, including hummingbirds - and chipmunks. I finally got out my telephoto lens here at the campsite and had fun taking pictures of the chipmunks' antics - eating and playing - and chasing each other.

About half an hour into my photo shoot, the RV Service drove up. Come to find out, the brake shoe popped off the drum on the one wheel that had locked. Brakes on all the other wheels look fine. He will be coming back either this evening or tomorrow morning with the new brake shoe. Hurray! And how convenient is this that the repairman comes to you! He was also quite reasonable for a come-to-the-customer service. David went ahead and paid him so we can leave for Silverton bright and early in the morning. Fix the shoe on the brake drum and we will roll! Woohoo!!!

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