Friday, December 3, 2010

Choice on Earth

What a loss! All for the sake of choice. Choice only causes more loss of freedom because it enslaves women and they are unable to see it until long after the choice is made - and sometimes made for them. The evil one is truly cunning - making evil look like it is good. He did it with Adam and Eve and continues to deceive to this day anyone willing to listen to his lies.

What happens when we say no to God (no El)? We say yes to the one who deceives.

"Let it be done according to Thy Word." Thank you, Blessed Mother for your fiat (fiat - Latin for "Let it be"), for without it, where would our salvation be?

Abortion was not unheard of 2000 years ago. And nothing was thought of stoning a woman for being unfaithful - no matter that some man was. (Remember the woman caught "in the very act" of adultery? Why wasn't the guy standing there beside her ready for stoning?) When Mary accepted God's invitation to be the Mother of His Son, she knew that she could be stoned to death. The difference is trust. Mary trusted that God could accomplish not only conception without intercourse, but that He would safely see the pregnancy through and beyond.

It's a matter of trust. Without trust, choice means nothing. Let's not make a god of "Choice". Let us trust instead the God Who gives us the strength to accomplish what seems impossible. There are people waiting to help.

Are you pregnant and in need? Find a local crisis pregnancy center. A good one will be required to have a sign that says they do not offer abortions or abortion referrals. Just google "crisis pregnancy center" and the name of your town or one nearby.

May God bless you for saying "Yes"!!!

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