Friday, October 29, 2010

Take It Up with God!

I am writing this post in response to a Facebook friend's situation of someone tearing down her political signs. The scenario went like this over the course of the last few days.

LINDA - Now I am MAD and venting to my FB friends. I have the American right to post candidate signs of my choice on my property and some idiots ripped them out last night and scattered them. If they did it for their party, I don't want them in mine!!!!!

SHERILYN - That other party is just crazy!

JANET - I have a feeling we ALL think the "other" party is just crazy, guess that's a part of all our problems

LINDA - you got that right. How many Americans have fought and died for us to vote however we want. How would they feel if they knew how this privlidge is abused! The thing is, I rode up and down the street searching and remarkably, the other party signs were intact...hmmm

JANET - ....and in another neighborhood the "other" signs mysteriously disappear. We are all but mirrors of each other.

LINDA - yes and no..I am not going to retaliate by stooping that low

CAROL - I know how you feel. I pay for my real estate signs and they always come up missing, or someone mows them over and just leaves them lie. I guess its just a part of doing business, but irritates you non the less.

ALICE - dem idiots! can't believe someone would DO that!

ME - You shall know a tree by its fruits! Amen?

TIM - why don't we all just join the "other party", then we could be like china and work 16 hour days for $3/week with no bennies. our products could be in walmart too. wow i think i'm going to run for something now lol.

CINDY -  I'm almost afraid to ask but so curious, who is the "other party" you suspect did this?

JANET - To each of us, the other party IS the "Other" party. If we all joined the "other" party, we'd still be in the exact same fix we're in now, two extreme groups with a growing abyss between. Perhaps a wiser way would be for us all to become more central rather than more divided in our thinking?!

JANET - Linda, I never meant to imply you'd personally do it, just that in other areas the same thing happens, only the party-name changes.

LINDA - Janet I can see we are related. Laid back but passionate about some things. Having an opinion is way better than doing nothing. You go girl

ME- It would be great if everything had a center position, Janet, but some things are just black and white. Regarding the pro-life vs. abortion issue, either the baby lives or dies. It's plain and simple as that. If you are on the left, you probably support abortion and if you are on the right, you oppose it. A center position doesn't exist. Truth will always be truth and lies will always be lies. 
Someone moved Linda's signs and no matter what party they stand with, they are opposed to the party which the signs represent. I personally think we need to get everyone out of Washington and get representatives working in the area they represent. We should be voting on the issues instead. More would get accomplished. With the technology we have today, politicians shouldn't have to go to Washington to do their voting either. It's archaic.
Just my 2 cents!

TIM - ok, i'm voting for theresa.

LINDA - boy, I had no idea. Every once in awhile you hit upon a good conversation starter. That was fun!

ME - Funny, Tim, I was going to vote for you! LOL

TIM -  well ok, i'm back in the race. i now have 6 votes; you and me plus 4 in the cemetery down the street. that's how it works around here lol. linda, religion and politics will get you a responce from everybody. VOTE 4 TIM!!! EVERYONE ELSE IS A LIAR, CHEATER, AND LOSER.
While the banter was lively, it wasn't without its tension. I later received a message from my sister that really sums this all up. Here is her comment:
I have observed that being "liberal" tends to get us outside the zone that is "best for us" as outlined in that great book. The more we move to the center the more liberal we get. So to me being liberal is in part a political way to rationalize freedom to sin. An ugly word to some, sin is also known as doing what we want to while ignoring our conscience and how those actions affect others and the environment. A perversion of freedom! Even professing conservatives rationalize liberal tendencies when it suits them… Don’t get mad at me. Take it up with God!
We have become an ungodly nation. We have lost our way. We have lost faith and reason. Without faith and reason, what is left? Nothing but relativism - the privy to decide what is right and wrong for ourselves - and therefore play God.

The Old Testament is filled with stories of how the Israelites were unfaithful and how God sent them into exile to learn to be faithful to Him again. If we keep up the way we are, we can look forward to a time of testing in order to learn again to trust and obey God.

Let us quickly turn toward God. Stand up for traditional values this November! Vote for real change and real freedom as the children of God! Vote for LIFE!

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