Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Introducing Kayleigh Elizabeth

It has taken me a while to recover from our last trip. My husband and I flew to Washington to see my oldest son and his family with their newest edition, Kayleigh Elizabeth. She was 3 weeks old then.
It was a great family time. Kayleigh is such a good baby - just eats, sleeps and poops! LOL It just felt so good to hold her. Kayleigh is the first girl since the previous generation since I had 3 boys. She is simply a treat for all of us. Even big brother, Drake, is taking things in stride. He loves on his baby "ti-ter". I even have proof!
 After a visit from my nephew who is in residency in Seattle, we made a trip over to a harvest festival near Olympia, the state's capitol. We had a grand time. Drake loved the pumpkin patch and the petting zoo. We even took a ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor. It was glorious! I think I will just let you enjoy it in photos. After all, they do speak louder than words.
Here we have arrived at the site of the harvest festival.
There were apples, corn and pumpkins to buy and eat.
Picking a pumpkin is hard work

At the petting zoo with the goats - baa-aa-aa!
Oh the fun of an old fashioned wagon ride!
Look at the joy and delight on this little face. 
A pose with mom before buying apples and corn to take home
- and, oh, a hot dog to eat.
Soon it was time to return home to Texas. We took the ferry across the Puget Sound over to Seattle. It was only heavy fog at first, but it soon began to clear.
The sun shining on the water through the low lying clouds was magical!
 The sense of mystery changed from moment to moment.
Passing close to the shoreline, we could see a little of the fall foliage through the mist.
Soon, the Seattle skyline appeared in the distance. It was beautiful!
I can hardly wait until I see my son and his precious family in January!

Since we returned home, we have seen professional photos of the family that are just precious. See them here.

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