Sunday, July 25, 2010

Revolutionary Transformation of the Heart (short version)

In his EWTN homily for July 23, 2010, Fr. Frank Pavone talked about the Pro-Life Freedom Ride that would take place the following day. Click on the video to hear what he had to say. Beginning at 15:40, he talks about the transformation of the heart needed in the Pro-Life Movement. At 16:32 he begins talking about the Freedom Ride.

Below, I have summarized the last part of his talk that refers to the Freedom Ride.

Confrontation of injustice is difficult. It was difficult in the Civil Rights Movement of the '60s and is difficult today in the Pro-Life Movement. But there is a power greater than the law. The greatest power on earth is the transformation of the human heart.

50 years ago, 13 people fought to uphold a law that desegregated interstate travel through the Freedom Rides because they knew in their hearts that "separate but equal" was not equal. Today, the law isn’t even separate and NOT equal. The youngest members of the human family are not even considered to be persons or deserving of protection. We must allow our hearts to be transformed because the unborn are being killed – mutilated in their mother’s womb and thrown away. And it is legal.

It is time to ride for freedom again – this time for the unborn. We must confront this injustice individually and directly by standing with the unborn, speaking for them, no matter what opposition, the ridicule, the cost or the sacrifice. If we aren't willing to suffer ridicule and opposition - if we weigh the cost and count the sacrifice - we will not be part of the solution.

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