Friday, July 16, 2010

Fullness of Truth Conference

I am in Corpus Christi for the Fullness of Truth Conference this weekend. Last summer, David and I attended the conference in San Antonio and it was wonderful. They covered the Gospel of John last year and this year is the book of Revelation. I'm sure it will be just as good.

I brought my copy of "The Lamb's Supper" for Scott Hahn to sign. We will see if I get a chance for him to sign it.

I'm sure I'll be taking plenty of notes. Last year, I filled a notebook with about 40 pages of my henscratch. I'm a BIG note-taker - especially when it comes to Scripture!

We are staying at the Embassy Suites. Earlier this evening, we went down for free drinks. I noticed that my SI joint hurt less after that. No wonder people drink to block pain!

Afterwards, we drove down to see exactly where we need to go in the morning. The convention center is only about 15 minutes away. We came back and had dinner from Whataburger. I didn't know that Whataburger was started her in Corpus Christi.

Upon returning to the hotel, David took a shower and went to bed. I took care of email and decided to blog for a few minutes. We will start the morning with free breakfast here at the hotel at about 6:15 so we can get to the convention center to check in by 7:30. It's a big day tomorrow, so I'll sign off.  Good night to all!

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