Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birth Control v Natural Family Planning

Now this is a really cute series of videos modeled off the PC v Apple commercials, only instead of computers talking to one another it is Natural Family Planning vs. Contraception.

There really IS a difference between birth control and NFP. 
NFP wins, hands down because it's not about the sex. 
It's about relationships.

NFP takes two. It builds trust.
It is love giving and life giving - and it improves overall intimacy.

NFP is natural.
It has no chemical side effects.
It has no health risks.

Contraception and the media.
NFP has great health benefits - but the media won't report it
because contraception controls the media.

Contraception is followed by divorce, infertility, abortion and mysogeny.
NFP is followed by life-long marriage, health, and love.
Still, the media listens to those who contracept.

The UN sends contraception to third world countries before food 
as though to say, "Contracept and THEN we will give you food."
NFP users provide for the basic needs of people
in third world countries without manipulation.

Those who contracept seem to have selective
hearing when it comes to health issues.
Those who use NFP are more aware of general health issues.

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