Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to Sunday Snippets

I thought this week that I would start a weekly Sunday post called "Sunday Snippets". I am actually hoping that it will help me stay focused on my blog a little more, but also help me concentrate on the things that really matter in life. We will see how this pans out - what it will include and how easy it will be to come up with 7 things each week. I actually don't think that will be so hard. Life is a great teacher. We learn valuable lessons each and every day. Some days I may just post a quote or a Bible verse that has a great application. On other days, I will share a lesson I've learned in my personal life. Hopefully, each day will have a snippet of wisdom you can take with you for the journey. Every day will at the very least be a peep-hole into some of life's most precious teaching moments.


My conversations with other Catholic women this week produced this: What matters isn't things but people - relationships.  Relationships are what make up the most important aspects of our lives - on a emotional level, but also spiritually. In our attempts to control everything in our lives, we destroy what is most precious to us - our relationships. Good relationships require trust - in both directions.


It is something we so often take for granted. Give thanks for your health.  For those times when your health is not up to snuff, be thankful for those who accompany you on the journey.  That is reason enough to be thankful today.


We all like to be appreciated. Receiving appreciation is a great motivator. Show someone a little appreciation. You never know the cross another person carries unless they tell you. Try putting yourself in someone else's shoes.


It's something we so often take for granted.  We talk about freedom in our country and yet so often that very freedom is taken as license to do or say things at the expense of another.  Remember that freedom focused on self isn't freedom at all, but attachment to our own desires. It is indeed a form of slavery.


Discovering the best and worst in people
This whole thing with Fr. Corapi has brought out both the best and worst in people. I've heard some people deride him in self-righteous judgment as they hold onto the beam in their eye. I've heard fan-atics who follow the messenger rather than the message encourage him to leave the Church. But I have also heard people encourage him and pray for him in his trials. The Body of Christ is made up of all kinds - both saints and sinners. But as I said before, we never know what cross another person carries. We can't walk in another person's shoes for them. May God bless this man in his trials. By his fruits we shall know him. I personally believe that God is at work in all of this. He will not abandon us.


Just thinking about people's commitment or lack thereof.  It reflects how much we are willing to sacrifice of our time and our gifts -  even our money - for something we believe in.  What do I truly believe in outside of myself?  Is it something that gives back to me the more I give to it?  Do my commitments enhance my relationships or sap them of life?  How about my commitment in my relationships?  How much am I willing to give to make someone else happy?


We all need boundaries. Without them, we either become a doormat or we rule someone else's life. Neither is healthy. In the Trinity we have a model - to be one with each other in mind and heart and yet still be who we are. The Trinity is the model of all relationships.

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