Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deception That Thrives

Unfortunately, feminists who advocate birth control and abortion only perpetuate the degradation of women. With birth control, women are not more free, but are at the mercy of men who would use women for their own pleasure. With abortion, women are hurt beyond belief. It is the greatest violence against women. I know dozens of post-abortive women whose spirits now cry out in unbelievable pain. Women who know the TRUTH do not celebrate the hundredth anniversary of IWD (International Women's Day) - especially not with NOW (National Organization for Women)! Both are pro-abortion and birth control.

I want equal rights for women. I think that both organizations - IWD and NOW - have been hi-jacked by radical feminists who have hurt all women with their agenda. I don't know that this is done out of malice so much as ignorance. They have been deceived. Satan is so good at making something bad look benign. His tactics haven't changed since the Garden of Eden. We are in the battle of all battles. God said in Genesis 3:15 that there would be enmity between Satan and the Woman, Mary, who is the model for all women, to hear the Word of God and keep it. So we must embrace our true femininity.

We must pray for men. Man was to protect woman, but Adam stood there instead, and let Eve succumb to the deceit of the serpent. We must pray that men come to understand that we deserve dignity because of who we are, not because of what we do. Equal rights will follow if men understand that. Instead, feminists tread on the dignity of men - figuratively castrating them - and unfortunately, unknowingly perpetuate the vicious cycle of abuse of women. It is a deception that thrives in a Culture of Death.

Fight injustice. Fight violence against women. Fight racism. Fight for economic justice. But let us fight the good fight, as they say. This is a spiritual battle. Embrace your femininity and pick up your rosary TODAY! Unite your prayers with the prayers of many women around the world today - that we be set truly free from oppression that actually began in the Garden of Eden with a simple deception that thrives even today. This is ultimately a spiritual battle and our power is in prayer.

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