Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Decisions International

There are many organizations that are part of the Pro-Life Movement and that fight the Culture of Death. Among these is Life Decisions International (LDI), a Pro-Life organization incorporated and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit, education organization. LDI embraces a policy condemning the use of violence to achieve their goals. It expends its greatest efforts on exposing and opposing the agenda of Planned Parenthood, undeniably the world's number one promoter of legal abortion. LDI was founded by Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge, M.A., and Douglas R. Scott, dedicated members of the Pro-Life Movement for over 20 years. Patricia Bainbridge is Director of the Respect Life Office for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockford, Illinois. Douglass Scott, author and founder of the Corporate Funding Project, is the former Executive Director of National Right to Life Committee Inc.'s affiliates in Washington and Arizona. 

LDI administers projects that include:
  1. Celebrating Chastity (gives information to teenagers and young adults recognizing their ability to choose the one path that is in their best interest)
  2. Celebrity Watch (identifies public figures that support Planned Parenthood's agenda in whole or in part), 
  3. Organization Watch (focuses on investigating and publishing the names of charitable entities that support abortion, sexual promiscuity, physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia, and/or nonconsensual experimentation on human beings), 
  4. Community Action Project (provides proven strategies and tools to help citizens fight Planned Parenthood on the local level)
  5. Corporate Funding Project (educates corporate officials about the agenda of PP and organizes boycotts of corporations that support PP. LDI publishes a list of boycott targets that includes corporate names, subsidiaries, products, services and how to contact each company.) 
  6. Prayer Project (prays for adversaries of the Pro-Life Movement) 
  7. Planned Parenthood Challenge (opposes Planned Parenthood at every level) 
  8. Student Outreach (spreads the pro-life message on campuses).

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