Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Abby Johnson's book, UnPLANNED, has just been released. Abby, former Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year for 2009, resigned from Planned Parenthood after struggling with her role there for some time. The turning point was the day she had to help the abortionist by holding the ultrasound instrument as he dismembered a baby in the womb. Abby saw the baby fight for its life and lose. She later resigned from Planned Parenthood and joined the Pro-Life Movement. Her story includes two of her own pregnancies that she chose to abort - one through a surgical abortion and the other with the dangerous abortion drug, RU-486.

Abby is now one of the Pro-Life Movement's greatest allies - speaking on behalf of life all over the country. Pray for her and her family. With the release of her book, she has received threats against her 4-year-old daughter.

You can buy UnPLANNED through her website. Major booksellers everywhere have it. It is already the #12 best seller on Amazon.com. At $12.64, it's a bargain hard back book. Read Abby's story for the truth about Planned Parenthood.

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